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MIM Advantage

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For complex shapes, small, precision and high performance requirements for product metal parts, MIM technology is a fairly good manufacturing processes; has a conventional powder metallurgy, machining and precision casting technology can not match advantage.

MIM is listed as "national key technology", MIM technology to further improve, new materials, new technology constantly emerging, making MIM become very competitive machinery and equipment, it is easy to break the traditional metal processing technology in the design and limitations of cost.


1) MIM as injection molding and injection molding, complex components can be prepared having a final shape and size. For example: Asymmetric parts, grooved, cross-hole, blind hole parts, can be designed threads, knurled, printing, engraved trademarks.

2) high capacity, making thousands to millions of parts can be efficient and rapid production. Mass production, more prominent technology advantage.

3) superior product performance, high density, good mechanical properties as strength, hardness and elongation, abrasion resistance, uniform tissue.

4) there is a wide range of selective raw materials: tungsten carbide, stainless steel, soft magnetic alloys, iron-nickel materials, tungsten alloys, tool steel, titanium, molybdenum alloys and other materials are suitable for MIM production process.

5) cost reduction obvious: the structure of complex parts in case of high-volume, mass-produced, the cost can be greatly reduced.

6) raw material utilization, avoid cutting the waste.

MIM Advantage