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MIM Process

MIM Process

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Description:MIM ProcessMIM ProcessMIM ProcessMIM ProcessMIM Process
Description:MIM ProcessMIM ProcessMIM ProcessMIM ProcessMIM Process

MIMProcess design combines the flexibility of injection molding and precision of high strength and integrity of the metal to achieve a low cost solution is extremely complex geometry parts.

MIMProcess is divided into four distinct processing steps (mixing, forming, degreasing and sintering) to achieve the production of parts for the product characteristics determine the need for surface treatment.



㈠ Mixing

In a special mixing apparatus for mixing, heated to a temperature to melt the adhesive. In most cases the use of mechanical mixing, until the metal powder particles are uniformly coated with an adhesive ,Then placed inside the machine extruded into bars, cut intoParticulate (referred to as starting material), these raw materials into the particles can be directly subjected to injection molding in the injection molding machine.


㈡ Forming

Injection molding and injection molding equipment and techniques are similar. Granular material is heated and fed into the machine at high pressure into the mold cavity。butWhen the cavity size of the design, taking into account the product during sintering shrinkage. span> Shrinkage rate of each of the metal materials are known, exact.


㈢ Skim

Degreasing the molded part of the binder removal process. This process is usually divided into several steps. Most of the binder is removed before sintering, the remaining portion of the supporting member can enter the sintering furnace.nbsp;

Injection into the company currently has skimmed sintering machine, namely skimmed molding and sintering parts done automatically in one machine equipment.


㈣ Sintering

Member is placed degreased temperature, the high voltage control sintering furnace. Under the protection of the component gas is heated slowly to remove residual adhesive。

After the adhesive is completely removed, the component will be heated to a high temperature, due to the voids between the particles and the fusion of the particlesDisappear。
MIMPart of the high density by the high temperature sintering and the long time to achieve sintering. Thus greatly enhance and improve the mechanical properties of parts and materials.


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