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Question 1:What does it mean MIM technology?
Answer: MIM technology is the plastic injection molding technology into the field of powder metallurgy and the formation of a new processing technology components


Question  2: In the injection molding process, whether it is melting the metal material?
Answer: No, only the adhesive is melted, so as to make the same powder materials like plastic flow. Cooling the adhesive component so that a certain strength. Then the sintered parts to achieve high density in order to meet the needs of mechanical properties.


Question 3:Why use MIM process?
Answer: When one kind of parts is difficult by conventional machining or casting technology to produce, or by machining time cost will be high, or parts of the material have special requirements, MIM process have the advantage。


Question 4:Materials which can be used for the production of metal?
Answer: Almost all metal alloys are available in the MIM process, but there is a common material is stainless steel, iron, tungsten alloy, tungsten carbide. Brass, bronze, used in the process uneconomical. Zinc and aluminum die casting process for general use.


Question 5:Delivery period will not be long?
Answer: Mold cycle is generally 4-5 weeks, product cross-like or delivery 1-2 weeks delivery time can be adjusted according to customer specific needs accordingly.


Question 6:Are MIM technology can do any complex product?
Answer: MIM technology limitations, product volume is not too large, the general maximum weight limit at 300 grams or less; some thick or thin-section will be limited.


Question 7:MIM process which uses equipment?
Answer: MIM process equipment used, mixing machines, injection molding machines, degreasing furnace, sintering furnace, etc.


Question 8:MIM can be heat treated or plated it?
Answer: MIM parts and traditional machining products, can be heat treated, polishing, plating.


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