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Company Planning

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Company Status
The company now follows the road of integrating military and civilian applications. Without feeling contented with the excellent performances we have already achieved, we are based on the excellent metal powder injection molding technologies. On the basis that science and technology are primary productive forces, the company adheres to the principle of viewing problems from the development perspective, continuously expands production facilities and the most advanced testing equipment, introduces high-tech talents, constantly upgrades MIM technologies, and carries out technological innovation, to form an excellent R&D and production team! The company continuously creates value for customers and shareholders, to achieve the vision for the future.


Company objectives

Our goal: to simplify complex issues, propose effective solutions, thus to create value for customers, employees and shareholders. To achieve this goal, we need to understand the needs of customers, adopt the most advanced production technologies and excellent talents, science and technology, and create a vibrant atmosphere for innovation. Innovation allows us to create more values, better benefits, short production cycle, and high quality products for our customers. We constantly strive to improve ourselves, so as to do our best to return customers, employees, shareholders and the society. We insist on doing the correct thing perfectly with a pious heart!

Company Planning