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MIM Introduction

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MIM is a new component preparation technology, which is a plastic injection molding technology into the field of powder metallurgy and the formation of a new parts processing technology. Plastic injection molding technology can produce a variety of complex shapes and inexpensive plastic products, plastic products, but the intensity is not high, in order to improve its performance, adding metal powder in plastic to get a higher strength, abrasion resistance good products. This idea has been developed and now is to maximize the solids content in the subsequent degreasing and sintering process to remove the binder completely, so that the molded preform densified. This new method is called powder metallurgy molding Metal injection molding.


MIM The process is: First, the solid powder and an organic binder uniformly kneaded under heat after granulated with a plasticized state into the mold cavity of an injection molding machine curing molding method followed by a chemical or thermal decomposition of the formed blank the binder removal, the final densification get the final product.


MIM Not only has technology products “Plastic Injection Molding” Technology has the complex shape, easily mass-produced features, but with the precision casting, physical, chemical and mechanical properties of forging close, in the preparation of a three-dimensional complex geometry, uniform organizational structure and performance of near net shape products has a unique advantage.


Therefore, the international community generally believed MIM development of technology will lead to a revolution in parts forming and processing technology, known as “Forming part of today's hottest technology” and “21Century forming technology”.

MIM Introduction