Market Analysis of MIM

Market Analysis of MIM

The MIM process can be traced back to the earliest20Century70In a long period of time, powder injection molding process is mainly used in the field of ceramic injection molding.MIMCompared with the traditional process, the technical process has the characteristics of high precision, uniform organization, excellent performance and high degree of batch.

On a global scale,MIM process has also been widely used in automotive, electronic products, medical equipment and many other fields. However around the worldMIMThe application structure has obvious differences:

1. MIM process is mainly used in the electronics industry in the Asian market

2. MIM process is mainly used in medical devices and other fields in the North American market

3. In Europe, MIM is more focused on the automotive and consumer goods industries.

Our countryThe MIM industry started late and developed rapidly. Its products are mainly used in the field of consumer electronics.MIMThe broad application prospects of the products have participated in the competition in the industry. According to the size of the business, companies in the industry can be divided into three echelons:

the first echelonMIM companies have strong technology research and development capabilities and have a wealthMIMProduct scale production experience, the formation of strong market competitiveness, the main service customer groups for international brands or domestic well-known brand enterprises.

The second echelonThe competitive strength of MIM enterprises is obviously weaker than that of the first echelon enterprises, with certain technological research and development capabilities, and the initial formation of large-scale production capacity, the number of enterprise customers is small, mainly for domestic brand enterprises.MIMParts products.

The third echelonMIM's overall technology research and development capacity is weak, only through the acquisition of equipment and the laying of personnel for small and medium-sized batches.MIMProduct production, and therefore in a weak position in the industry competition.


What is the difference between injection and injection in metal injection molding?

Metal injection molding, also known as injection molding, is a molding method that has both injection and molding. The invention has the advantages of fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, diverse colors, simple to complex shapes, and large to small sizes. Moreover, the product size is accurate, the product is easy to update, and it can be made into parts with complex shapes. Metal injection molding is suitable for mass production, complex shape products and other molding processing fields.


What are the characteristics of tungsten alloy powder metallurgy?

Tungsten alloy powder metallurgy is the production of powder or powder (or powder and non-powder mixture) as raw materials, after molding and sintering, production, composite and various types of objects process. The powder metallurgy method is similar to that of powder sintering, so a series of powder metallurgy can also be used for the production. Due to the advantages of powder metallurgy, it has become the key to solve the problem and plays an important role in the development of our powder metallurgy industry.


What is the process of tungsten alloy powder metallurgy?

Tungsten alloy powder metallurgy is the production of powder or metal powder (or powder and non-metallic powder mixture) as raw materials, after and, the production of metal materials, composite materials and various types of industry. Powder metallurgy is widely used in transportation, electronics, aerospace, weapons, biology, new energy, information, nuclear industry and other fields, and has become one of the dynamic fields in new material science. Tungsten alloy powder metallurgy has considerable energy saving, saving, characteristics, accuracy, stability and other advantages, suitable for large-scale production. In addition, materials and complex parts that cannot be used for traditional casting and preparation can also be made by powder metallurgy, so


Preparation method of iron-based metallurgy with high strength and high thermal conductivity

The preparation method of iron-based metallurgy is simple, and the mass fraction of aln in the iron-based alloy is adjusted according to the amount of aln powder added in the mechanical alloying process, so as to reduce the density of the material, improve the mechanical properties and high temperature physical properties of the material.