520 Company Party

"520" company party
Yesterday was 5.20, a day suitable for confession, and we also held a dinner party on this special day for leaders and representatives from all walks of life of the company. The place of the dinner was the same as the place of the previous annual meeting, which was still in Tianliao Firewood Store in Shenzhen. The dinner party was mainly to promote the communication of personnel from all walks of life and lay a solid foundation for friendly cooperation in the future, there is also the outbreak is about to pass, while making arrangements for post-epidemic work production.
Because we are engaged in metal powder injection molding, and metal powder injection molding as the "21st century molding technology", has better production performance and advantages than other processes, as reflected in:
1. The product has high density, good strength, hardness, elongation and mechanical properties, good wear resistance and uniform organization.
2, low production cost, low labor intensity, reduce or even eliminate machine processing.
3. The utilization rate of raw materials is high, which avoids the waste of post-processing; the production line is highly automated and can be produced in large quantities continuously.
4, can be directly prepared with the final shape and size of the complex parts.
The dinner time is after work, and the serving time is about 7 o'clock. Therefore, when it comes to work time, people from all walks of life rush to the dinner place in their own way. Some of them drive by themselves, while those who don't have cars "rub cars". Others think there are too many cars on the road and are blocked. They walk there (there is a path, cars can't walk, only one person can walk), in general, by the time the meal was opened, all the staff from all walks of life had arrived except those who could not come for various reasons.
At the beginning of the dinner, our tables began to "eat and drink". At first, I may want to maintain my image, so I ate slowly. After that, I don't know why, our "fighting capacity" was also lifted. Basically, the next dish was served, and the previous dish was eaten. So in the end, we added two more dishes and one dessert to each table.
And we are not only burying our heads in hard work, but also taking care of interpersonal relationships while summarizing the work that has just ended, as well as some interesting things and jokes in life.
The dinner lasted until 9 o'clock. Each of us left with a smile. Just because we were full of food and drink, we all went back to have a good rest, waiting for the arrival of the next day, so as to continue to work wholeheartedly.




What is the difference between injection and injection in metal injection molding?

Metal injection molding, also known as injection molding, is a molding method that has both injection and molding. The invention has the advantages of fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, diverse colors, simple to complex shapes, and large to small sizes. Moreover, the product size is accurate, the product is easy to update, and it can be made into parts with complex shapes. Metal injection molding is suitable for mass production, complex shape products and other molding processing fields.


What are the characteristics of tungsten alloy powder metallurgy?

Tungsten alloy powder metallurgy is the production of powder or powder (or powder and non-powder mixture) as raw materials, after molding and sintering, production, composite and various types of objects process. The powder metallurgy method is similar to that of powder sintering, so a series of powder metallurgy can also be used for the production. Due to the advantages of powder metallurgy, it has become the key to solve the problem and plays an important role in the development of our powder metallurgy industry.


What is the process of tungsten alloy powder metallurgy?

Tungsten alloy powder metallurgy is the production of powder or metal powder (or powder and non-metallic powder mixture) as raw materials, after and, the production of metal materials, composite materials and various types of industry. Powder metallurgy is widely used in transportation, electronics, aerospace, weapons, biology, new energy, information, nuclear industry and other fields, and has become one of the dynamic fields in new material science. Tungsten alloy powder metallurgy has considerable energy saving, saving, characteristics, accuracy, stability and other advantages, suitable for large-scale production. In addition, materials and complex parts that cannot be used for traditional casting and preparation can also be made by powder metallurgy, so


Preparation method of iron-based metallurgy with high strength and high thermal conductivity

The preparation method of iron-based metallurgy is simple, and the mass fraction of aln in the iron-based alloy is adjusted according to the amount of aln powder added in the mechanical alloying process, so as to reduce the density of the material, improve the mechanical properties and high temperature physical properties of the material.